How-to install monq in VMWare vSphere?

Hi! I want to install monq to vmware infrastructure. I’m using ESXI 5.5 and cannot import OVA with version incompatibles. Any ideas?

  1. Download the installer image as a VM

Image contains 2 files:

  • monq_{version}.ovf
  • monq_{version}-disk1.vmdk
    File with extension monq_{version}.ovf prepared for VMware vSphere 6.5 and therefore incompatible with the VMware vSphere 5.5.
  1. Upload file monq_{version}-disk1.vmdk to Hypervisor datastore
  2. Connect to the Hypervisor using the SSH protocol and run the following command to import the disk image:
vmkfstools -i {path to monq_{version}-disk1.vmdk} {path to monq_disk.vmdk}
  1. Create Virtual Machine (CentOS template), Note the following parameters when creating:
  • SCSI controller - LSI Logic Parallel
  • Use an existing virtual disk - Select converted disk in ch.3
  1. Save the parameters, turn on the virtual machine and proceed to the further installation of monq.

Thank you! It works!